Music is like thread, which pores people with it but the person who pores the people into thread is musicians to whom we do not recognize. Films make musicians, musicians make music but somehow their contribution remains invisible to us. This drew us in to this field, where giving recognition, acknowledgement and glory to the great musicians of Bollywood working since 1940 became our passion. We initially started as "Dastak" and eventually emerged as "Swar Aalap".

Music has always been the precedence for Swar Aalap, which has set its magnitude. It has emerged as bridge for musicians to music, which helped us to create eminent concepts. We have not only showcased their talents but gave them an acknowledgement and have been awarding outstanding musicians of Bollywood since 2002. Concerts are in addition to help the needy artists. It was our endeavor to keep the essence of golden era music in current times.

Swar Aalap has always known for its musical events but we have penetrated our self in every aspect, which made us spread our wings in other fields of events like concerts, wedding and commercial event. It has given vulnerability to us and to our clients as well. We are committed to the perfection and to give you our optimum aid. Here we bring out practicality to your imagination and fulfill all your expectations.