Who We Are

Swar Aalap is a Sanskrit term literally meaning ‘conversing with musical notes’. In the domain of Indian Classical Music, it means invocation of a rendition. A gradual but detailed ad libitum exposition of the Raag.

Shri Dinesh Ghate has aptly given the name ‘Swar Aalap’ to the movement he is relentlessly and passionately pursuing. His endeavour is to acknowledge and felicitate the Indian Cine Musicians for their priceless contribution. With extensively researched information on music and musicians.

In 2002, we launched the Swar Aalap magazine in print form. Since we are in the Internet Era, we have launched the portal Swar Aalap Digital. With Search Engines acting as Alladin’s lamp to answer all questions, we decided to take these treasures of knowledge on the digital platform. After the market research and analyses of contents, we will be disseminating information about music, arts, and culture. We believe our portal will prove to be the most valuable platform that will connect the future generation with our glorious history of Indian music.

Swar Aalap’s event management services are the means to achieve this end. We are renowned for our unique and iconic concepts and ideas in planning and executing musical events for corporates, social and educational institutes, and individuals. We manage public shows and award functions, live music concerts, weddings, etc all social and cultural events.

To reach out to music lovers across countries and continents and create a platform that bridges gaps between musicians, artists, and its audience. This digital conversion will be able to get legends behind-the-curtains and present them most rightfully. It is going to prove to be an exquisite gallery of musicians and their magic exclusively captured for the audience to explore.

Swar Aalap ‘Digital’ also looks forward to expanding the community by creating a wider reach with each event. This gives a peak to collaborations and business opportunities for those who want to engage in a diversified aspect of the company. Interactive Media Choices, Information on a click, Brand Associations and Long-Term Exposure are some of the integral angles which have been currently developed for mutually beneficial purposes.

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