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Suhana Safar with A. M. Turaz

Is “Tera Zikr” one of the top songs on your playlist? Does every line somehow resonating with you give you goosebumps? Do your feet start tapping automatically when the song “Udi” is played? If you love these songs, you should know about the wizard who wrote them. The pen evoked so many emotions in the...

Zindagi Ke Safar Mein

Zindagi ke safar mein

Song: Zindagi ke safar mein - Aap Ki Kasam’ 1974 Lyrics: Anand Bakshi Music: R D Burman Singer: Kishor Kumar ‘Sorry’ is the five-lettered word on which the four-lettered word ‘Love’ thrives! We are mere mortals; clueless whether we’ll survive the next moment and yet, we roam around like we carry tomorrow in our pockets! There are several instances in...