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While we talk about art and artists, it is important to know the history and origin of various art forms. Speaking of music and literature, oral traditions are said to be the oldest form. But is this generation well aware of traditional songs and prays? Not really. Thus, a featuring band “Abhanga Repost” is here to fill that generational gap with fusion music. This band nurtures contemporary folk-fusion music. They address the wise words of saints like Eknath, Dnyaneshwar, and Tukaram along with the beats and rhythm of today’s world through their songs. They evoke mythological and spiritual knowledge too in their compositions.

Abhanga Repost 2Abhanga Repost is admired by all age groups but especially their young fans at multiple college events and music fests. This band has recently made its debut in the Marathi Film Industry with the song “Deh Devache Mandir” in the movie “Appa Ani Bappa” starring Bharat Jadhav, Subodh Bhave, and many other gems. Their new album named “Vaari” is now available on all streaming platforms like Spotify, Jiosaavn, Apple Music, etc.

Taking forward traditions is a responsibility. And we are proud that ‘Abhanga Repost’ is doing that in the field of popular folklore of Maharashtra. The prominent fact is that they create music that teaches people the great words of wise men, it flashes light upon social injustices and arouses spiritual contact with the Almighty. The folk flavor that they bring into the pop/punk culture outshines them from the others. Therefore, when passion and the right people accompany magic takes place.

Excerpts from the interview 

When everyone today is learning western music, how did you all think about a fusion band?

We believe “Music has no language”. From our college days, we were attracted to folk culture and music. We then started our research in this field. Coke Studio was our inspiration as well. We started listening and understanding songs from various regions. Thus, we feel communicating the song is more important rather than focusing on the western or folk genres.

What is the reaction of varied age groups towards your songs?

Our songs are not restricted to any age group or community. To ensure that the language barrier isn’t an issue we always explain the meanings of our “Abhangs” in English and Hindi language. We also explain it in simple language so that a larger audience understands its true meaning.

Abhanga Repost 1Which instruments do you use while presenting folk fusion?

We are a band of 6 people. Thus, Pratish Mhaske focuses on vocals and acoustic guitar. Ajay Vavhal plays electric guitar. Tushar Totre plays harmonium whereas Viraj Acharya plays tabla and percussions. Dushyant Deorukhkar looks after the drums. Swapnil Tarphe plays bass guitar. Sometimes we also feature instruments like flute and more depending on the need of the song.

What next are you planning to do?

We are looking forward to performing more and more with as many people as possible. The lockdown created a pause button but now there’s no stopping. Also, we have posted our work on YouTube and other music platforms aiming to reach a larger audience.

Can you name one thing that you would like to do to keep folk music alive?

There’s a lot to do for folk music widely. But we would want folk music to stream on major platforms like Jiosaavn, Spotify, YouTube Music, etc. We really appreciate the work done by Coke Studio in promoting folk music globally. It’s also our responsibility to make people realize the beauty of folk culture through our performances.

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