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An artist with wings multicolored

02 INSIGHTS - Nagnath 2 InsertsNagnath Mankeshwar was destined to be multi-faceted. He is an Artist, a Film/Animation director and a Sitarist. As a film team his productions won National and International awards.

He has made Documentaries, Corporate, Animation and Short films. His biopic film on Sitar maestro Padma Vibhushan Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan received wide acclaim.

He was always drawing and painting since childhood. So, Films and Music led him to explore further into the Fine Arts. In 2017, his painting titled ‘Raag Megh’ won a prize at the Artist’s annual exhibition at Artists’ Centre Gallery, Kalaghoda, Mumbai. Later that year he exhibited his Charcoal portraits of Classical music stalwarts at World Trade Centre. As a musician himself, this was a humble tribute to the legends. This exhibition was met with great success.

He received a lifetime’s blessing from his favorite singer Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkarji when she personally signed her portrait made by him. His next painting came from a suggestion by his Guru Ustad Siraj Khan – a painting of Lord Shiva holding Rudra Veena. It received a lot of praise.

His love for Jazz and other forms of music manifested with a few Jazz based paintings in Charcoal or minimal colours. Music and films influence him with their real and abstract ideas. He says the three disciplines are alike in the sense that they tell or should tell stories. So whether he is doing a Sitar concert or painting or making a film, it should give the audience an other-worldly experience.

02 INSIGHTS - Nagnath 4 InsertsLata Mangeshkar visit story
My friend Sameer who knows the family took me to Lataji’s house to show her my portrait painting. Both Ushaji and Meenaji were there. I did not realize that Ushaji herself is an accomplished painter. When she saw my portrait, she approved and I heaved a sigh of relief! Meenaji told us that Lataji was very unwell and no meeting would be allowed. I requested her to at least show her my portrait knowing I might not get her sign. She agreed and took the painting inside along with the lady attendant. A minute later the attendant came rushing out and asked if I had a pen. Neither me nor my friend had one! She said she had one and rushed back in. A minute later Meenaji brought back the painting with a beautiful signature from Lataji. Me and my friend couldn’t believe our eyes. I had just received my lifetime’s award from my most favorite singer in the world!!

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