2007 Tribute To Cawas Lord 01

2008: The father of percussion

Shankar Iyer | burmanfan@gmail.com The evening of 7" February 2008, an evening to cherish at Mumbai's Dinanath Mangeshkar Hall in Vile Parle was an evening singularly dedicated to the industry's stalwart The father of percussion player, late Cawas Lord. No were sold and the press widely publicized the 'open to all music lovers' programme. Remembrance of the genius musician: A...

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Mera Saaya Saath Hoga – Raj Khosla

KV Ramesh |kvr4060@gmail.com Many directors went through tough times before they tasted success. For Raj Khosla, it was no different.  Born May 31, 1925, Raj Khosla came to Bombay (now Mumbai) to be a playback singer. Guru Dutt - Dev Anand pair "discovered" Raj Khosla. There is an apocryphal story that the trio promised each...

Mukesh Geet kosh

Mukesh Geet Kosh – Memoir

It is heartening that Harish Raghuvanshi’s efforts have brought the total number of songs included in this new edition of Mukesh Geet Kosh to 1,053. There is no doubt that Mukesh Geet Kosh is leading among the books published with detailed and authentic information. These informations are about all the songs sung by any one...

Yodling of Kishoreda 00

Yodeling Of Kishore Kumar

Atul Merchant 'Jatayu' | merchatul@gmail.com Excerpts from the E-Novella Cinemaghar’ 1969 was a year of great significance. Apollo 11 landed on the moon with Armstrong as the first person to step on the moon. The year was significant for Bollywood too. Rajesh Khanna, father-son Burmans with the Yodeling of Kishore Kumar broke all the Box...

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1960 KI LATA 1
1960 KI LATA 3
1960 Ki Lata 01
1960 KI LATA 4
1960 Ki Lata 03
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1960 Ki Lata 04

2014: 1960 Ki Lata

Atul Merchant | merchatul@gmail.com Lata Mangeshkar, the incarnation of Sharda Maa - the Goddess of Music, left for her heavenly abode on 6 Feb 2022. we arranged a show on 12 June 2015, to reminisce about the treasure of her renditions. Keeping up with its motto of “By the Musicians for the Musicians”, Swar Aalap felicitated two...


The Legend Of The Creative Genius – SD Burman

I hold my breath, As I look up to its majesty. The stars are bright, And they fill me with gaiety. Behold, I see a star, one shining star Which pierces the night with its wondrous light? I see a star, one shining star, Brilliant, bold and bright. These lines truly amplify the Legendary Music Composer S D Burman, whose gleam still continues...


Music Is The Moonlight In The Gloomy Night Of Life

Nisha Jalori | nisha@jalori.co.in "You have to take a deep breath and allow the music to flow through you. Revel in it, just leaving you in awe". This is what exactly happened while enjoying the mesmerizing concert, Ek Mutthi Asmaan. The event held on the 23rd of April, 2022 at Nehru Centre Worli Mumbai. It was...


Madan Ji was a total contrast to his soulful compositions – Uttam Singh

Nisha Jalori | nisha@jalori.co.in “Artists come and go, but legends never die”. I think we always look up to legends and people who not only win but give us a larger-than-life role models. Today, we have featured one such musical stalwart a legendary Music Composer Madan Mohan, whose music has immortalized him. Art, at its best, is...

The Unfair Filmfare

Excerpts from Cinemaghar written by Atul Merchant ‘Jataayu’. The joke of the century was that the most mediocre film Be-Imaan bagged 7 Film fare Awards in 1973.  Years of allegations about the media corruption and unfair practices in Award nominations was proved beyond doubt in the year 1973 when Be-Imaan was awarded as the Best Movie, Manoj...