Waqt Ne Kiya

Lyrical Impact

‘Bollywood music’ or ‘Hindi Film Music’ is one of the most popular forms of music today. Bollywood music is now a mixture of different types of genres. Although the use of instruments has been going down because of all the new sound making technologies coming up.

Talking about the lyrics, Bollywood has had some great and influential songs back in the day. The golden era of Bollywood was not just about the movies, it was about the songs too. Unlike today, those songs were majorly dependent upon the lyrics. Songs composed during the 40’s and 50’s had the essence of music, the power of lyrics, something which is very rare nowadays. Lyrics were not just about rhyming the words in the end of every sentence. They were made to be felt. Maybe some of us find such songs boring or too long, but back in the day lyrics were not just about making people dance, they were about the feelings of a human being, they were about life, they were about everything we can relate to in our lives. Today we see Bollywood composers remaking the old melodies with the same lyrics because the meaning those old tunes hold, the way people are attached to those lines is something that is very difficult to achieve in this era.

Moving onto the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, some iconic music was produced. Songs like “Ye shaam mastani”, “jeena yahaan marna yahaan” came into the scene and completely took over the hearts. That’s again because of the impactful and meaningful use of words in the songs. Songs composed during these 3 decades, inspired a bunch of other artists. Those songs were not limited to one language.

Talking about the new Bollywood songs now, Bollywood still composes some top-quality lyric songs but that essence is somewhere lost. Today’s Bollywood is more about making people dance to the music. We won’t find that authenticity in the lyrics as we did in the old music. But even the 20’s had some songs that can never be compared or replaced. If you listen to the songs like “lukka chuppi” (rang de basanti) even now, you would still burst into tears. Well, the song made Lata Mangeshkar cry in the studio while recording.

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