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Khaki Studio Mumbai Police: Beloved among Generals

  • Dinesh Ghate ‘Jain’ |

The Mumbai Police is well-known for both its strong presence in the city and also on social media presence, amusing online users with memes and smart answers to common queries. An interesting fact includes that the Khaki Studio, Mumbai Police Band Department has a large following on social media. Since they cover well-known Hollywood and Bollywood songs, the band has become beloved among the general audience. The band department established in the year 1936. Its first standalone performance took place in December of that year.

Cover Versions of the Italian Resistance song Bella Ciao

Many of the musical performances they recorded and published on YouTube. Their uploaded are instrumentals, cover versions of the Italian resistance song Bella Ciao and many more. This was made popular by the television program Money Heist, which was done on the streets of Mumbai as part of the city’s Sunday Streets program. Srivalli was one of the well-received songs they performed in addition to this.

Khaki Band 1Mumbai Police Band

Together with many other music lovers, take in the performance of the Mumbai Police Band and discover musical brilliance unlike any other while it is still going on. Their performances are going live from May 20th until June 4th, 2023, from 5–6 p.m. There are a total of six locations where they are performing: opposite the NCPA; Nariman Point; Cooperage Bandstand Fort; Girgaon Chowpatty; Bandra Bandstand; Shivaji Park Bandstand Dadar; and Five Garden Matunga. Don’t miss the chance to view the artistic side of Mumbai Police these weekends.

Mumbai Police Bollywood Connection

Their live performance is not only fantastic, but it’s also making waves on social media. Crossing the bounds of lives with their performances. The Mumbai Police Band’s most recent video of the well-known Kishore Kumar song Mana Janaab Ne Pukaara Nahin has gone viral. The in-house band, also known as Khaki Studio, is well-known for a variety of old and even contemporary music. The band has performed everything from Bella Ciao to Kishore Kumar’s Mere Sapnon Ki Rani.

The Mumbai Police Department published the popular video on Instagram with the comment,  “Hear the mesmerizing rendition of the iconic song ‘Mana Janaab Ne Pukaara Nahin’ by our Mumbai Police Band. The performance by #KhakiStudio is sure to leave you in awe of the band.” The band members are shown in the video they posted, performing the song from the 1957 movie Paying Guest. While the bandmaster led them like a professional, the band members performed the song on a variety of instruments.

Swar Aalap is proud of the Mumbai Police and their work for the city. We are also very appreciative to have such a talented group. The band department captivates its audience with beautiful rhymes and mesmerizing music.

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