Anong Singpho

First Singer in Bollywood from Arunachal Pradesh

Genuine talent attracts opportunities and Anong Sinpho is a prime example of that. His videos on social media were loved and applauded by so many that it caught Zee Music Company’s attention which would make him the very first Bollywood singer from Arunachal Pradesh.

Twenty-seven-year-old Anong Singpho started by performing at his school functions in Miao. He used social media platforms to express his singing skills. With one video coming on the radar of Zee Music Company, they offered him to sing for their label.

“It is a dream-come-true moment for me.” said Anong, “Growing up I always dreamt about singing for a Bollywood music company. I never imagined it would actually happen to me through this famous label.”

His music single, ‘Laut Aao Maa’, was released on Mother’s Day 2021 and within a month it has a viewership of 14 lakh on YouTube. Looking at this young bud of talent with a great voice quality music producer in the industry are discussing the possibilities of a collaboration with him in the future.

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