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‘Paree’ Fame Suneeta Revisits Her Iconic Track after 30 Years

After giving a whole memory of ageless and classic tracks like ‘Paree Hoon Main,’  ‘Kesariya’ and ‘Ab Ke Baras’ in the 90s, Singer Suneeta Rao has returned with a new track ‘Vaada Karo’ on her YouTube Channel. Perhaps it’s her first song after a decade.

‘Vaada Karo’ is an anthem that reminds listeners to reflect on their actions that can have severe effects on the environment. The song motivates and encourages everyone to be a part of the change they wish to see in the world. This track also plays an active role in making a sustainable and cleaner ecosystem.

Suneeta fondly remembers her journey in the music industry as an independent music artiste. She confesses, “That time was beautiful. I had the opportunity to work with some of the best music composers of that time.”

Suneeta feels collaborations are much easy now as compared to the last decade. She truly misses the vibe and the energy of people being in the room, jamming. Talking about Indie-pop, Suneeta Rao shares that indie-pop artistes are lucky because they could make a career out of the Indie pop space. It was considered unconventional for people to be singing, dancing, writing, or getting into performing arts on stage. She feels a great sense of joy when she sees a young artiste who is keeping it unique, alive, and so natural. Sangeeta hopes the music industry is seen as a separate entity apart from being in Bollywood.

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