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2016: The Versatile Javed Ali

Shankar Iyer | burmanfan@yahoo.com Swar Aalap, an organization committed to the cause of musicians, organized an eventful programme with well appreciated prolific Indian Playback Singer and The Javed Ali performing on stage. Manik Sabhagriha, Bandra witnessed an energetic and engaging evening filled with songs and live performances by the singer that left the audience wanting for...

2006 - The Three Aces

2006: The Three Aces

Shankar Iyer | burmanfan@yahoo.com Manek Sabhagriha, Mumbai witnessed a rare musical event on 18th November - The coming together on stage of The three aces Legendary musical stalwarts, Manohari Singh, Kersi Lord and Ustad Rais Khan. The occasion endorsed organizing group Swar Aalap’s dedicated commitment to the cause of promoting and supporting musicians since 2002. The...