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2007: Percussions All The Way

Shankar Iyer | burmanfan@gmail.com Mysore Association Hall, Matunga witnessed a special musical event on 21" July, 2007- Percussions All The Way had Felicitation of Hindi films' multi-instrumentalist Homi Mullan and leading Nepali films music director and Maadal player Ranjit Gazmer. The occasion also saw ace drummer Franco Vaz taking stage to enthral viewers. The episode embossed...

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अरविंद मयेकर यांच्या सतारसाथीचे स्मरण गुंजन

नीला शर्मा हिंदी - मराठी चित्रपटगीते, भावगीते व नाट्यसंगीतात सतारीच्या साथीची नादमधुर मुद्रा उमटविलेल्या अरविंद मयेकर यांच्या आठवणी जागवणारी 'गीत सितार' ही मैफल सर्वार्थाने आगळीवेगळी ठरली. त्यांच्या पत्नी डॉ. अपर्णा मयेकर यांनी त्यांच्या सहजीवन व मयेकरांच्या कारकिर्दीतील विशेष टप्प्यांबद्दल माहिती देत काही गाणी स्वतः सादर केली. 'नादमुद्रा' तर्फे संगीत सुवर्णयुगातील प्रतिभावान व प्रयोगशील सतारवादक मयेकर यांनी...

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Mera Saaya Saath Hoga – Raj Khosla

KV Ramesh |kvr4060@gmail.com Many directors went through tough times before they tasted success. For Raj Khosla, it was no different.  Born May 31, 1925, Raj Khosla came to Bombay (now Mumbai) to be a playback singer. Guru Dutt - Dev Anand pair "discovered" Raj Khosla. There is an apocryphal story that the trio promised each...

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An Inspiration etched in Melodies – Pta. Zarin Daruwala

Kunal Desai | desaikunald@gmail.com ‘That Parsi Girl’ as she was initially known due to her unfamiliarity with the usual all-male ensemble of musicians in Bombay film studios when she started playing for films at the age of 18. Eventually, Zarin Daruwala became a name to reckon with for any piece of Sarod playing in songs or...

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God’s Own Musician – Ranjit Gazmer (Kancha)

M..It ro It was located on the 'Jal Pahar' hill.It was located on the 'Jal Pahar' hill.Shankar Iyer | burmanfan@yahoo.com Over the years, Indian music has been broadly identified in two forms. Classical music, associated with a certain grammar and structure, was considered the music of the masters. Born in the kings' palaces, it required...

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The Lord’s Touch – Burjor Lord

Anisha Nandan | anisha.45687@gmail.com An extract from "The Unsung Heroes", was published by Swar Aalap in 2010. Burjor Lord, aka "Buji" Lord, is a beloved name in the music fraternity across India and around the globe. He hails from a widely established family in the music industry. When you hear songs like Chand Mera Dil,...


Mujhey Chaltey Jaana Hai, Bas Chaltey Jaana – Gulzar

Some years ago, I was lamenting the general "lack of interest in today's younger generation in old classic Hindi film music" to a friend. She countered, "no; my children listen to the music of the 70s and so on". I said, "that's because you are a singer yourself ". She countered", no. They called me up...

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Pyar ka Mausam Aaya – Nasir Hussain

K V Ramesh | kvr4060@gmail.com There is a joke that Nasir Hussain left Lucknow with one file containing one story that he kept repeating again and again in various combinations! First as a writer, then as a producer, then a writer-producer-director! Most of his big hits have a common theme. The hero opposes his estranged...

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Traka Doom – Franco Vaz

‘Papa Kahete hain bada naam karega’ song (Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak - Anand Milind) starts with Amir Khan, holding a cut-away Electric guitar.  His friends are playing Saxophone, Trumpet.  A couple of ladies are playing Kabash. Everyone, right from college Principal to students in the audience & we watching the movie song, are foot-tapping to...