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2014: 1960 Ki Lata

Nisha Jalori | nishajalori61@gmail.com Lata Mangeshkar - the Nightingale of India - the voice of a million centuries, a singer who embodied music and melody for generations, left for her heavenly abode this year. And as we commemorate her birth anniversary, we are reminiscent of the treasure trove of songs she left behind. As a homage to...


2016: The Versatile Javed Ali

Swar Aalap, an organization committed to the cause of musicians, organized an eventful program with well-appreciated prolific Indian Playback Singer Javed Ali performing on stage. Manik Sabhagriha, Bandra witnessed an energetic and engaging evening filled with songs and live performances by the singer that left the audience wanting for more. We all know how important the...

Dilip Naik

Jaan Pehchan Ho with Dilip Naik

‘Aaja aaja main hoon pyar tera’ That attacking, introductory guitar solo of an iconic song. A clear, sharp guitar in the interlude of ‘Aasman se aaya farishta’ (An Evening in Paris) or ‘Tumse accha kaun hai’ (Jaanwar). Yet another fast-paced intro, interludes, in keeping with the rock and roll theme of an iconic song from Gumnam ‘Jaan...

Leslie Gudheno

Drums with Leslie Godinho

Leslie Godinho was a man with exceptional knowledge and skill in music. He was a drummer beyond the extraordinary. Not only was he popular in India but he made a name for himself worldwide. But did you know that it was Leslie Godinho who introduced drums to Indian music lovers? Isn’t that quite something. Let us...

Master Ebrahim

The Master of Instrumental Music – Master Ebrahim

The book Master Ebrahim: The Forgotten Ace Clarinetist traces the journey of the legend from his hometown Ajmer to Bombay in great detail. The book contains interviews with his son Iqbal Ajmeri and his family who provided exclusive information. It has more than one hundred rare photographs and documents that have never been seen before. Professor...

Sebastian DSouza

Sebastian D’Souza: A Musical Legend

Dr. Padmanabh Joshi | pkjoshi8945@gmail.com If you listen to a film song composed by maestros Shanker-Jaikishan, OP Nayyar, or Salil Chowdhury, you also hear a tune being played along with the song in the background. This parallel tune is created with Violin, Cello, Piano, Spanish Guitar, or an Organ. This ‘parallel tune for a song’...

World Music Day

Why do we celebrate World Music Day?

When we think of the concept, doesn’t it knock a question in our minds ‘why do we need a day to celebrate music?’ Music is as omnipresent as it can get. Music is a part of your daily routine and we’re pretty sure that none of the people we know don’t love music. But who...

Anthony Gonsalves

Anthony Gonsalves – My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves

Can a boy of just 13 years of age play Violin like a professional and conduct a full Church Choir? Well, yes if he is Anthony Prabhu Gonsalves. Does this name sound familiar? Yes. He was the same Anthony Gonsalves who was paid tribute by his student and legendary composer Pyarelal Sharma in the song...


Tabla Had Its Electronic Version – Kuljit Bhamra

Tell us something about your musical journey. How did you get initiated into music? My mother Mohinder Kaur Bhamra is a well-known Punjabi folk singer. When we first arrived in the UK in 1961, she was requested to sing Shabads in the London Gurdwara. I was only two years old. In those days, there were hardly any tabla...