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Dev Lok – Dev Log

Manohar 'Mohabbat' Iyer | सौ साल पहले मुझे तुमसे प्यार था; आज भी है और कल भी रहेगा... Defragmenting the Films and Fraternity of the Ageless Anand on his Birth Centenary. 26 September 2023 marks the Birth Centenary of the dashing and debonair ageless actor DEV ANAND. I am a big DEVotee of Dev Anand as I am...

The Vivid Van Shilpey

The Vivid – Van Shipley

Dinesh S Ghate | When I say the word “Guitar”, the first thing that comes to most of our minds is Hollywood music or foreign guitarists, etc. But what if one tells you our Bollywood Music Industry gave us such amazing guitarists that added the extra shine to the evergreen songs. One of the...

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जीना इसी का नाम है – कविराज शैलेन्द्र चौक

Yunus Khan | बारिश की रिमझिम के बीच गीतकार शैलेंद्र के 98वें जन्‍मदिन के मौक़े पर खार में नौंवे रास्‍ते और लिंकिंग रोड खार के जंक्‍शन को गीतकार शैलेंद्र चौक का नाम दिया गया। गीतकार शैलेंद्र चौक का उद्घाटन विधायक श्री आशीष शेलार और नगर-सेवक अलका केरकर की मौजूदगी में किया गया। इस चौक के नामकरण...

Kamlesh Awasthi
Kamlesh Awasthi
Kamlesh Awasthi

In Memory Of ‘Mukesh’

It was the year of 1980, when I recorded my first song as a playback singer for the Gujarati film ‘Tame Re Champo Ame Re Kel’. The music directors were famous duo Mahesh-Naresh, and it was my first interaction with both.  Surprisingly, they had heard about me, but had never hear my voice, yet they...

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Teri Pyari Pyari Surat Ko
Pagla Kahin Ka

Tum Mujhe Yun Bhoola Na Paaoge – Hasrat Jaipuri

Siraj Sayyad Hasrat Jaipuri: 21st Death Anniversary - 15 April 1922 - 17 September 1999 On my invitation, Kishwar Jaipuri, daughter of Hasrat Jaipuri, has penned a heartfelt tribute Tum Mujhe Yun Bhoola Na Paaoge. “My heartfelt tributes to my darling Dad Dr. Hasrat Jaipuri Saab. "Kaun kehta hai key mar gaya Hasrat, Main ye kehti hoon...

Dir & Music - Raj Kapoor

Raj Kapoor – The Author of The Film

Raj Kapoor’s place in Hindi and Indian film industry is assured forever basically because of his post-independence work and output. The general feeling is that the period from 1947 – 1960 is probably the period in which his best output came about. No doubt this is largely due to a national consciousness of a new...