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2008: The father of percussion

Shankar Iyer | burmanfan@gmail.com The evening of 7" February 2008, an evening to cherish at Mumbai's Dinanath Mangeshkar Hall in Vile Parle was an evening singularly dedicated to the industry's stalwart The father of percussion player, late Cawas Lord. No were sold and the press widely publicized the 'open to all music lovers' programme. Remembrance of the genius musician: A...

Mukesh Geet kosh

Mukesh Geet Kosh – Memoir

It is heartening that Harish Raghuvanshi’s efforts have brought the total number of songs included in this new edition of Mukesh Geet Kosh to 1,053. There is no doubt that Mukesh Geet Kosh is leading among the books published with detailed and authentic information. These informations are about all the songs sung by any one...


“मैं मरा नहीं, ज़िन्दा हूँ, दुरुस्त हूँ”

ईशमधु तलवार "वो तेरे प्यार का ग़म" से साभार | लेख संकलक - प्रशांत कर्वे - +91-9769135971 शीर्षक पढ़ कर कर प्रतीत होता है कि किसी भूतकालीन दुर्घटना में मृत घोषित व्यक्ती की यह पुकार है। अतीत में ऐसी कईं घटनाऐं सामान्य हैं। किंतु कुछ अर्से तक सुर्खीयों में रहे किसी प्रतिभासंप्पन्न कलाकार का हाशीये...

The Unfair Filmfare

Excerpts from Cinemaghar written by Atul Merchant ‘Jataayu’. The joke of the century was that the most mediocre film Be-Imaan bagged 7 Film fare Awards in 1973.  Years of allegations about the media corruption and unfair practices in Award nominations was proved beyond doubt in the year 1973 when Be-Imaan was awarded as the Best Movie, Manoj...

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Understanding Golden Era: Melodies, Movies & Memories

Dinesh Ghate | Rubina Khan One fine morning looking at the cover page of the book “Melodies, Movies & Memories”, written by Nalin Shah, the thought of analyzing the content of this book came to my mind. Thought was never to critically review the content of this book but was to understand it. While discussing...

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जीना इसी का नाम है – कविराज शैलेन्द्र चौक

Yunus Khan | yunus.radiojockey@gmail.com बारिश की रिमझिम के बीच गीतकार शैलेंद्र के 98वें जन्‍मदिन के मौक़े पर खार में नौंवे रास्‍ते और लिंकिंग रोड खार के जंक्‍शन को गीतकार शैलेंद्र चौक का नाम दिया गया। गीतकार शैलेंद्र चौक का उद्घाटन विधायक श्री आशीष शेलार और नगर-सेवक अलका केरकर की मौजूदगी में किया गया। इस चौक के नामकरण...


Representation Of Common Man In Shailendra’s Lyrics

Rubina Khan | rubinakhan17@gmail.com Abstract:  Poetry and lyrics have always been in a debate for the difference they have. It’s easy to say a poem doesn’t have music but lyrics have music to enhance its artistic value. In Hindi Cinema many lyrics writers tried to break this literary difference between poem and lyrics.  Poems are considered...

Kamlesh Awasthi
Kamlesh Awasthi
Kamlesh Awasthi

In Memory Of ‘Mukesh’

It was the year of 1980, when I recorded my first song as a playback singer for the Gujarati film ‘Tame Re Champo Ame Re Kel’. The music directors were famous duo Mahesh-Naresh, and it was my first interaction with both.  Surprisingly, they had heard about me, but had never hear my voice, yet they...

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Teri Pyari Pyari Surat Ko
Pagla Kahin Ka

Tum Mujhe Yun Bhoola Na Paaoge – Hasrat Jaipuri

Siraj Sayyad Hasrat Jaipuri: 21st Death Anniversary - 15 April 1922 - 17 September 1999 On my invitation, Kishwar Jaipuri, daughter of Hasrat Jaipuri, has penned a heartfelt tribute Tum Mujhe Yun Bhoola Na Paaoge. “My heartfelt tributes to my darling Dad Dr. Hasrat Jaipuri Saab. "Kaun kehta hai key mar gaya Hasrat, Main ye kehti hoon...