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Yeh Jeevan hai – Basu Chatterjee

K V Ramesh | Mainstream Hindi cinema, popularly called Bollywood, always has its stereotyped larger-than-life characters. The “hero” and heroine were usually “whiter than white”, while the villains were blacker than black.  Nothing in between. The stories were largely formulaic with occasional flashes of innovation. That changed mainly in the late 1960s and through...


Mujhey Chaltey Jaana Hai, Bas Chaltey Jaana – Gulzar

Some years ago, I was lamenting the general "lack of interest in today's younger generation in old classic Hindi film music" to a friend. She countered, "no; my children listen to the music of the 70s and so on". I said, "that's because you are a singer yourself ". She countered", no. They called me up...

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जीना इसी का नाम है – कविराज शैलेन्द्र चौक

Yunus Khan | बारिश की रिमझिम के बीच गीतकार शैलेंद्र के 98वें जन्‍मदिन के मौक़े पर खार में नौंवे रास्‍ते और लिंकिंग रोड खार के जंक्‍शन को गीतकार शैलेंद्र चौक का नाम दिया गया। गीतकार शैलेंद्र चौक का उद्घाटन विधायक श्री आशीष शेलार और नगर-सेवक अलका केरकर की मौजूदगी में किया गया। इस चौक के नामकरण...


Representation Of Common Man In Shailendra’s Lyrics

Rubina Khan | Abstract:  Poetry and lyrics have always been in a debate for the difference they have. It’s easy to say a poem doesn’t have music but lyrics have music to enhance its artistic value. In Hindi Cinema many lyrics writers tried to break this literary difference between poem and lyrics.  Poems are considered...

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Teri Pyari Pyari Surat Ko
Pagla Kahin Ka

Tum Mujhe Yun Bhoola Na Paaoge – Hasrat Jaipuri

Siraj Sayyad Hasrat Jaipuri: 21st Death Anniversary - 15 April 1922 - 17 September 1999 On my invitation, Kishwar Jaipuri, daughter of Hasrat Jaipuri, has penned a heartfelt tribute Tum Mujhe Yun Bhoola Na Paaoge. “My heartfelt tributes to my darling Dad Dr. Hasrat Jaipuri Saab. "Kaun kehta hai key mar gaya Hasrat, Main ye kehti hoon...