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The Lively Voice of Hamsika Iyer

  • Vaishnavi Samvedi

Spreading her vivacious voice, Hamsika Iyer just never fails to mesmerize you. Not only her singing but her personality has a spirit of positivity and wisdom. She’s humble, grounded, and extremely warm. Popularly known for her songs like Chammak Challo (Ra.One), 1234 Get on the dance floor (Chennai Express) Garje Gajraj Humaare (Junglee), Kuchh to hai tujhse Raabta (Agent Vinod), and Chanda Re (Eklavya) she has made her presence felt in her own beautiful way which has touched the hearts of her fans. Her songs have a perfect mix of tune, rhythm, and vibe that just grows on you the more you listen to them. Take a sneak peek of her journey to see how exceptional of an artiste she is.

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What are the must-have qualities for a live performer today?

Today a live performer has to be an all-rounder… it is so important to have strong, amazing eye contact with the audience. The artist should be able to understand the pulse of the audience and make the song list accordingly, which is another important factor. The body language of the artiste is essential because it’s the confidence & hard work that sets you apart.

How convenient are collaborations during the pandemic and what has changed in the world of international collaborations?

Collaborations have always been very special for me. I am like that hungry and greedy child who constantly looks for a Collab. Today the connection has become so much easier than how it was before. Thanks to social media, artistes across the world can reach out to each other, have a conversation and create something that they believe in. The accessibility is high. You can be anywhere in the world, it doesn’t matter. Pandemic gave birth to a home studio set-up in a very big way and artistes across the globe are benefitting tremendously by connecting and emailing the music tracks and recording from home.

How has classical music translated its impact on the way you sing?

Indian Classical Music has helped me a lot. The grounding is strong and it’s always better to know your roots. Once an artist knows the art, he/she can play around and experiment even out of that genre and seamlessly go back to it. Training Never goes to waste. 

Can you describe the person you become when you’re on stage or while performing?

When I go on stage, I am an entertainer. The adrenaline rush that happens when you see thousands of people screaming and looking up at you, wanting to be like you, wanting to sing like you are truly priceless. But Never take an audience for granted. Because they are listening, they are your listeners. I get to know the pulse of the audience within the first 2-3 songs and that helps me to keep building up the momentum.

How have you seen the Live event industry grow in these years?

The Live Industry has grown leaps & bounds over the years. Today the preparations that go on behind any event are unexplainable. Work begins at least 6 months in advance (maybe even more). An event has become an experience that the audience takes back home. I also have to agree with the fact that yesteryear artists created magic while onstage and have mesmerized the audience but over the Years, the magnanimity of this experience has grown tremendously.

Your 3 best inputs that an artiste must keep in mind once he/she sings a song in the Recording studio and if the artiste performs the same song on stage.

When a Singer is working on a Song, it’s very important to know a) The scale of the Song b) The Lyrics &  the situation of the song and c) Who you are singing for. Once you have recorded the song and it’s released, every artiste definitely feels that he/she could have done more variations. And All of that can happen when you are on stage performing that song. Live gives you the freedom to create more magic with something you have already created.

How did your early life transform from a simple artiste into a rocking, versatile performer?

(Laughs) Oh God!!! That definitely seems like a different life. People who know the simple shy Hamsika Iyer CANNOT believe the person I have become today. I thank life and the opportunities that I got during my musical journey. I kept my mind open and that helped me a lot to learn, unlearn, and grow as an artiste and become what I am today… and the Learning continues… It’s for a lifetime.

Can you share your experience of 1st playback song in Bollywood?

Chanda Re, Eklavya’ 2007. This song has been very close to my heart as it’s this song that made people sit up and notice. The immensely talented & wonderful music composer Shantanu Moitra called me to sing this beautiful lullaby for Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s film ‘Eklavya’. It was featured on Vidya Balan and I was too excited and at the same time was a little nervous because I hoped and prayed that my voice would sit well on her. That’s a very important aspect of playback singing. And it did, since then there is no looking back.

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  • Anuprita Rane Reply

    This blog is very explanatory how the Pandemic has given birth to so many artists with different different skills and social media has made it easy to reach to as much as audience as possible, so one can become easily famous in one night if that person has worked sincerely, also the luck factor matters , but neglecting that one must be greedy for his dreams to be fulfilled and chase the things ???
    I loved it , the language is very much convincing and has expressed perfectly ??

    24 September 2021 at 8:55 pm

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