pehla pyar pehla khumar

Pehla Pyaar Pehla Khumaar

Geet Utsav is an episodic series that focuses on historic events of Hindi Film Music. Ranging from different eras and teleporting you in the warmth of indelible bollywood lyrics. These episodes are to be aired on leading streaming platforms (YouTube and Facebook).

The episode streamed on 14th February was aimed to celebrate love. Participation in this show was from all around the world. Performers made sure they’ve got their inspiration and love in place for their performance because that’s how the music resonates with the audience. They did a fantastic job by singing some melodious songs of Bollywood. With the commencement of the show itself, the YouTube live chatbox was filled with wishes and appreciation messages. This time along with the performance, the presentation and editing was something to be noticed. In between the show information provided onscreen and well-planned anchoring made the entire show very compact and kept its audience glued to the screen.

The expression of love was done justice and well delivered, filling hearts with goodness and fondness. The show’s motto was to Rewind, Rejoice and Relive memories. An opportunity to show your talent to the world as well.

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