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Bappi Lahiri’s Grandson Rego B’s debut in ‘Bachcha Party’

  • Vaishnavi Samvedi

India’s oldest and the most celebrated music label SAREGAMA is blitzing in excitement for launching the kids’ genre with a new song. Targeting kids, song is a ‘Bachcha Party’ by Bappi Lahiri’s grandson – Rego B, who is also seen featured in the music video.

The music video focuses on the lively, overexcited bunch of kids with Rego B who claims that the state of ‘Bachcha Party’ is put into action and their rules, likes, and preferences will be honoured and respected. The video has some cool dance movies, peppy beats, and groovy lyrics with a rap portion. There is the dynamic energy that makes it a favorite amongst kids. Rego has a great resemblance to his grandfather’s style and charm. It reflects in his performance. The music is given by composer Shameer Tandon and the video is choreographed and directed by Rahul Shetty. The endnote of the video has a beautiful snap of nostalgia.

Releasing his first track, with his grandad, Rego-B said, “I am too excited right now. Bachcha Party is all about us kids having fun and enjoying and doing things we love doing. I totally related to the song, and with the guidance of my grandfather, my parents, and Shameer uncle, I managed to deliver this track. It was also awesome fun to shoot the song and do some cool dance moves. I especially love the hook step – think It’s very catchy. Hope all of you like it.”

Bappi Lahiri is seen excited about Rego carrying on the family mantle with Saregama. He says: “I am really happy and proud that my grandson is starting his career in music so early on. ‘Bachcha Party’ is a song that suits his personality and style and is best suited for him thanks to Shameer Tandon who discovered the spark in Rego & has composed the song that suits him best. And for a record label as prestigious as Saregama to launch him makes it doubly special, since my association with Saregama goes back to many decades. Rego B is diligent and an eager learner, and I am excited to see what opportunities lie in store for him. This is the fourth generation, my daughter Rema first cut her album Little Star in 1987 & she debuted with a Platinum Disc now her son Rego B is again with Saregama for his debut so history repeats. I humbly ask all my peers and fans to bless him and shower him with the same love they have always given to me.”

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