Isra Celebration

Long Live ISRA, Long Live Singers Unity

‘Swar Aalap’ congratulates ISRA for completing an amazing musical journey of eight years. Our best wishes for all the future endeavours

In these years

  • we have achieved the difficult task of Uniting the Singers of India and then Grown in strength.
  • Competed the cycle of Membership, Enforcement, Administration, Collection, and Distribution…. we have till date distributed Rs. 5.5 Crs.
  • Procured 2 Judgements from the Delhi High Court in favour of Singers to receive their Royalty through ISRA.
  • Successfully been facing challenges and stiff opposition wanting to deny Singers their Royalty.
  • In spite of being a fledgling, just a 8 year old baby, in face of these challenges and opposition, WE are committed to get to the stage where Singers will get their Royalty from All sources (which at present is not the case).
  • On this 8th Anniversary, the Board & Management of ISRA is fully sure to achieve its Goals and is also sure of the support of all Singers of India.

Long Live ISRA | Long Live Singers Unity

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  • Sanjay Tandon Reply

    Thank You Swar Aalap amd Dineshji

    You are doing a fantastic job… wish you all the best and God bless

    6 May 2021 at 2:32 pm

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