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If you are a clubhouse fan, check out the new ‘Music Mode’ feature

  • Vaishnavi Samvedi

Clubhouse confirmed the launch of the new Music Mode. This mode will enhance the experience of playing and listening to live music on the platform massively.

If you happen to be an artist on Clubhouse or you enjoy listening to live music. The new Music Mode will optimize the clubhouse to broadcast your music with premium quality and highly responsive stereo sound as per the company.

Artists can connect their professional pieces of equipment like a USB, mic, or mixing board and use it as they perform and broadcast the same on the app. Music Mode feature will be present by tapping on the three dots at the top right corner of the room. By selecting the audio quality and choosing the music.

People who want to listen to the performances can easily listen to it by using headphones, speakers, or even the phone itself. The feature will be first available on iOS followed by android.

Tech companies like Amazon and Twitter are also making their way into the space. For instance, Twitter has started rolling out “ticketed spaces,” where musicians will get a chance to host shows. Spotify has its live audio app.

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