Why IG reels is better than TikTok

Tik Tok started gaining popularity all over the world, it was just simply effective, the rate at which TikToks interface allowed you to consume content was phenomenal.

30-60 seconds of short clips, in-app easy to use editor for creators, option to use just about any song in the world, diversity of the content offered, it was the complete package, initially in India people made TikToks for fun, but soon many amassed a huge following and learned to capitalise on it.

What started as a platform for Dance and lip sync videos, soon turned into the best advertising tool ever, brand realised the potential the app had, and started paying creators to promote their products.

Slowly there were makeup tutorials and life hacks, we saw the rise of Food and education TikToks, it had many applications, it was headed for the moon.

But when on 29 June TikTok was banned in India, along with 58 other apps on suspicion of data theft and amidst increasing border tensions.

The ban stopped the growth of the app with over a 119 million active users. But DRUMROLL, ENTER REELS

Many criticised reels for copying TikToks and taking advantage of the fact that it was banned in India.

Here’s how IG reels successfully replaced TikTok.

Tik TokThe word “Cringe” was always associated with TikTok, in fact many youtubers made a career out of reacting to some of these “cringe” content, although it was a guilty pleasure for many, there was always some judgement that came along in certain age groups when they’d say they watch TikToks, people would shame and accuse you of lacking taste if you even acknowledge the influence it holds,

Well say goodbye to the shame, cause even those who criticised TikTok have now boarded the Reels ship. All the closeted TikTok lovers are now embracing Reels.

There is no genius here, they integrated a tried and tested application into Instagram, where they already had the user base.

And reels didn’t take time to capture the market, it quickly followed into its predecessors’ footsteps. Reels has helped many creators funnel their following from various platforms. (Linkedin, Youtube, twitter).

From which stocks to buy to What movie to watch, DIY home decor or a quick healthy recipe, how to style your outfits or study tips reels has it all.

It doesn’t end there, today many artists use reels to promote their music, be it funny dance videos or driving while jamming to songs.

No matter what your business is, or even if it’s a personal brand, you can find innovative ways to market yourself through reels, the trend of short clips started in 2013 with vine and dub smash (2014) but it’s here to stay.

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