Not Just YouTube, T-Series Is Taking Over the World of Music

When you think about music, Hindi songs and music labels have done tremendously well. You cannot go thinking without the contribution of the T-series. Apart from being the No. 1 music label of the Hindi Film Industry, T-series has gone on to become the first YouTube channel to reach the 100 million subscriber’s mark. Leaving several other influential competitors in the race.

The company’s chieftain, Bhushan Kumar has implemented all the key factors to adapt T-series to a global entertainment production.

The quick expansion has been an inspiration to many. The company is making a regular effort to be relevant and keep up with the ever-evolving audience in the digital world.

T-series offers a lot many services and opportunities under one roof, such as music production, music acquisition, movie production, etc. Bringing the charm and craze of Independent music, Bhushan has directed many such music singles and non-film music.

Knowing the pulse of the market, T-series ensures impressive and rich content. Tulsi Kumar, a startling voice from the Kumar clan was introduced, groomed, and given a chance to mesmerize the audience with her impeccable talent. With their spectacular line-up by collaborating with some of the biggest and reputed names in the industry. The audience waits for yet another sensational content from T-series.

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  • pankaj jain Reply

    Valuable post , proud of T series

    20 April 2021 at 7:48 pm

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