Nitin Gadkari Said

Car Horns Must Sound Like Musical Instruments

  • Vaishnavi Samvedi

The Union Road Minister Nitin Gadkari said that vehicle manufacturer may be asked to make the ‘the right kind of horn.’ He is currently working on new guidelines to make vehicle horns sound a little soothing compared to the blared sound people hear that is on its journey to making them turn tone-deaf.

He said that the ministry is making new rules. “I live on the 11th floor in Nagpur. I do pranayama for 1 hour every morning. But the horn disturbs the morning silence. After this trouble, the thought came to my mind that the horns of the vehicles should be in the right manner. We have started thinking that the sound of car horns should be Indian instruments and we are working on it. The sound of instruments like tabla, percussion, violin, bugle, flute should be heard from the horn,” Gadkari said, as quoted by Lokmat.

He said that these rules will be also applied to automakers. So, when the vehicle is manufactured, it will be installed with the right type of horn. Can you imagine this change and the sound of Tabla or Flue falling on your ears in traffic?

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