Khumar Nahin Dekha To Kya Dekha

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Bipin Pandit, COO of the Advertising Club. He is well known for his dedication to work. But equally, he is known for his passion for music. He is always keen to do something for music and his enthusiasm led to the formation of a platform for young musical talent with the hashtag “Khumar Nahin Dekha To Kya Dekha”.

BIPIN PANDIT 1-2Every year, he comes up with the “Khumaar – a musical evening” that showcases a blend of old and new music, and also every year one new talent is given a chance to present their talent. He is a creative person and hence loves to do innovation and considers creativity as the key to his performance. In his 37 years of experience on stage Bipin Pandit has provided a platform to many young talents. While being in Ad Club for from past 24 years he has worked under 12 different presidents but still, he managed to get time out for his passion i.e., Music. He believes that work has given him opportunity and confidence but Music has given him the ability to feel and experience. With Khumaar’s next edition to be held on 1st October, Bipin Pandit says he is a person of people and through music, he gives back to society what he has gotten from it.

How do you find music, a mode of entertainment, education, or relaxation that gives peace of mind?

Music is Divine. It is the easiest way of getting closer to God. The thought process gets positive. Music is like a cleanser and it is no hand cleanser but it cleans the entire body. This leads to the removal of mental stress, relaxation, and peace of mind.

You have been a performer, what is your opinion about the importance of audience analysis in live events?

Most important. To give a simple example you can’t go for a Disco song and start singing Bhajans. The cardinal rule for success is to dish out what the audience loves.

You have a long musical journey; can you share some interesting yet learning experiences? BIPIN PANDIT 1-1

The audience has given me lots of love. My Compering, Shayaris, and Mimicry are big hits with the audience. Once after imitating Nana Patekar’s voice his wife took my Autograph. Once I was comparing a show of Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and I requested him on audience farmayish if I can do a mimicry act, he said YES and I did it. Once after my Mimicry act at a five-star hotel, a waiter got so impressed that he literally forced me to eat a party pack of Vanilla ice cream.

What’s your opinion about the Gen Z music choice?

Music in any form should be loved but old music has ATMA AND SOUL. Somehow singers of old times challenged themselves more and so did music directors. Hence it was the Golden period.

Has the current music changed the commercial scenario?

Money is everywhere. My personal feeling is it is not bad when artists are getting compensated well. But things are simpler now. Technical competence has increased as machine handling has a major part. The artists of old worked harder.

Tell us something about – “Khumar ki Khoj”

It is my way of doing social service to the Music world. It gives me pleasure in giving scope to talented youngsters. If they go on to do well in the future, I feel happy e.g., Shrinidhi Ghatate our find is introduced as Future Shreya Ghosal now.

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