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2009: An Astounding Evening

Shankar Iyer | burmanfan@gmail.com Yeshwant Natya Mandir, Matunga stood testimony in 2009 an astounding evening on 15th February - The celebration of two legendary musical stalwarts - Sitar maestro Jairam Acharya and versatile champion percussionist Burjor Lord. The occasion stamped organizing group Swar Aalap’s passionate and unfailing dedication to the cause of Hindi film musicians. Shankar Iyer...

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The Lord’s Touch – Burjor Lord

Anisha Nandan | anisha.45687@gmail.com An extract from "The Unsung Heroes", was published by Swar Aalap in 2010. Burjor Lord, aka "Buji" Lord, is a beloved name in the music fraternity across India and around the globe. He hails from a widely established family in the music industry. When you hear songs like Chand Mera Dil,...