Patthar Wargi

Hina Khan on her New Music Video Patthar Wargi

Recently in an interview, Hina Khan talks about the reasons why she chose to do the new music video Pattar Wargi. And how was her experience working with B Praak and Jaani.

Some excerpts from the interview on state that Hina Khan was hooked on the song the moment she heard it. She said yes to the collaboration because she loved the melody and found it relatable. “There are some songs that you just cannot miss to be a part of and for me Patthar Wargi is that one.” She said.

Working with the duo was a thrilling experience for her because they were talented and the hard work that was going into the making would make the song a hit.

On talking about the song Patthar Wargi, a to be known as a heartbreak song. Khan shares how she would’ve seat with it, “Heartbreaks are never easy. It takes a big part of you. Coping up with it is even tougher. I never wish to face heartbreak ever and I pray nobody should go through the same.”

When she was asked what makes  Patthar Wargi so different, she replied, “You’ll  not only see romance but so many others emotions. From falling in love to parting ways forever. It is all portrayed very beautiful in there.”

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