World Music Day

Why do we celebrate World Music Day?

When we think of the concept, doesn’t it knock a question in our minds ‘why do we need a day to celebrate music?’ Music is as omnipresent as it can get. Music is a part of your daily routine and we’re pretty sure that none of the people we know don’t love music. But who thought of celebrating music? Who was the person who decided a day to commemorate music?

World Music Day was coined by Maurice Fleuret and Jack Lang in Paris, France in 1982. This originated in October 1981 when Maurice Fleuret became the director of Music and Dance at the request of Jack Land who was the Minister of Culture of France. The idea was their brainchild to bring out all musicians, professionals, and budding artists to come out on the streets and play together.

On June 21, 1982, the first Fête de la Musique took place in Paris, with a massive crowd across France walking down the streets and playing instruments in full harmony. The event became an instant hit so over 120 nations including India followed to celebrate the day.  The motive behind celebrating the day is to encourage performers to make music, create music. And organize free concerts including all genres of music and make it accessible to the public. The roots of this celebration remind us of how free, liberal, boundless people become when music touches their souls

Music is the essence of life. Music has the power to cure diseases such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc that can be testified by the legends about Tansen of his bringing the rains by singing Raag Megh Malhar and lighting lamps by Raga Deepak.

Everything that has rhythm has music; even our breathing! Thus, we can say that there is music in every human being or a living creature. It can convey all sorts of emotions to people. It’s a universal language because that knows no boundaries and flows freely beyond the barriers of language, religion, country, etc.

So, this Music Day, bring out your dearly missed, dusty musical instrument, grab your jamming partner and create some magic.

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