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When one googles the meaning of sentient, it says “having the ability to use your sense to see and to feel”. Isn’t that what makes (artiste) a person different from common people? As an artist, we always strive to feel and see the unusual and create something extraordinary out of it. Hence, we bring to you such varied sentient artists who bring music to life.

Being an insightful businessman, Mr. Nikunj Turakhia, is a B. Tech graduate in Metallurgical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai. He is the recipient of the “Vidyabharati award” from IIM, Calcutta for the year 1985. Mr. Turakhia is also co-author of two research papers on Powder metallurgy. He has been at the helm of Standard Group since its’ inception. Being the founder of the group, Mr. Turakhia has turned a single trading company into a group of companies dealing with multiple products across various business sectors. His entrepreneurial zest clubbed with boundless business insight is inspirational. His passion for trying something new, across the board knowledge, and vast experience in engineering, finance, banking, manufacturing, imports exports, strategic planning, etc. have helped the Group scale new heights year after year. Mr. Turakhia believes that education is the key to all doors and hence has prominently worked in the educational field as well. Outshining quality is that he is Music enthusiastic too.

Excerpts of the interview with Nikunj Ji are as follows: –

There are 4 terms attached to your personality, Company, Team, Culture, and Music. What is your take on it?

The company reflects one’s individuality and goals in life. The team is always coming together of like-minded people. Culture is our identity. If one cannot define himself, then he can go nowhere. Music is always related to the soul. Many people don’t get this because they have a deficiency in understanding music. Music is a channel that brings you closer to the Almighty and your inner self.


How does music help you streamline your work and culture?

Yes, absolutely. Music makes you pure and clears out your thought process. And all this eventually shows a positive effect on your daily routine. Music helps you conduct yourself better. It reflects in your personality. Music also helps control your ego.

Why only Music, as there are various other hobbies one can have?

Because music is inbuilt in me. When I was a kid, I used to regularly listen to Binaca Geetmala on Wednesdays at 8 pm. I loved hearing songs. But I realized my passion for music when Dinesh Ghate made me do Riyaz every Sunday. He showed immense confidence and potential in me. Thus, having a knowledgeable person with you who guides you is very important. I also play sports to DE cluttering my mind.

Being a commanding personality in your industry as well as a soft-hearted music lover, do both these personalities conflict or compliment you?

It is indeed complementary to each other. I believe one can become a strong personality only when one is also emotionally strong.

Music gives me confidence. I started music with karaoke as I have no background in learning music. In fact, I developed a habit of holding a mike while singing and this habit has helped me a lot while giving a speech or addressing a larger audience.

How did you look at your mental health during this lockdown period?

Everyone was traumatized by this situation. But I was dancing and sang along with my wife, parents, and children in order to release the stress and anxiety. Music aids to change the thought process and it helps you to find a solution easily. There is always a solution to any problem, only we are not able to see it or realize it. For this to happen clarity of thought and a positive attitude is most essential.

Can music be a platform to bring about change?

Firstly, music brings people together. It also changes the mindset. If done in the right way, change will surely occur. Many religious leaders use music and dance to communicate and teach the audience. It also helps attract youngsters as music is the only connecting cord.

How does your family support you?

I am blessed to have my wife alongside me always. She is my support system. My friends and family members are very supportive too.

So, music can be passed on to generations?

Yes, for sure. I myself was attracted to music because of my mother. She used to play the harmonium. My aunt used to play Sitar. Both were fantastic singers. Thus, music is in our genes.

Elaborate on the two songs you have recorded in the pandemic.

The first song was “Achyutam Keshvam”. As I realized, “bhakti” is very important. Lockdown has taught us to stay connected to God and closer to our family and friends. This song also portrays the culture of a family. The second song “O Paalanhaare” depicts the transition from negative to positive factors. The video shows that “A Ray of Hope Is Perennial”.

Describe the following words in one word each: –

Music – ‘Soul’ | Culture – ‘Inculcate’ | Society – ‘Payback’ | Profession – ‘Your choice’ | Contribution – ‘Commitment’ | Emotion – Love

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