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The ability to utilize one’s senses to see and feel is listed as the definition of Sentient when one searches for it on Google. Isn’t that what sets an artiste apart from the rest of us? As artists, our goal is to perceive and feel the unusual in order to transform it into something exceptional. We are able to provide you with a wide variety of sensitive artists that brings music to life.

Mr. Rajeev Vyas, who founded and serves as the Managing Director of Vinar Overseas Pvt. Ltd., is a well-known singer and an insightful businessman. He holds a postgraduate degree in economics and a diploma in management studies. Mr. Rajeev Vyas is a Singer by choice and an industrialist by profession. With unwavering commitment and a pure desire to succeed in the very competitive global steel industry, this seasoned veteran carved the basis of Vinar Overseas Pvt. Ltd. As managing director, he takes on the position of a visionary and is responsible for leading the team and motivating them to accomplish the desired objectives. The importance of music and song in Rajeev Vyas’ life assists him in finding equilibrium. As a musician, he frequently performs for charity on various stages in and around Mumbai, as well as outside of Mumbai.

The following are excerpts from the interview with Rajeev Vyas:

RAJEEV VYAS 3Being known as an industrialist to your friends and your family why is music for you an ultimate goal?

Music was an accident for me. I used to attend music programs organized by my friends and discovered that I was good at singing. Back then, a friend of mine suggested to me that if I truly wanted to make music my thing, I should learn music on a professional level. Shri Madhusudan Timothy, a teacher, then entered my life. My music learning journey lasted 15 to 18 years.

I recommend people sing for joy and to make others happy, but not to limit themselves to just that. Try to learn something new and better, which was also the culmination of my previous solo show 5 years ago. I never imagined I’d be able to keep the audience glued to their seats for three hours. As my profession is related to steel, music is a source of satisfaction for me. Music helps me maintain a sense of balance in my life. Music can be a way out for anyone who is in a stressful situation in their life.

I remember you came up with the brand name “RV Live” for this event which you had 5 years ago. What was the concept behind that?

I wanted to convey to people that with this live program I could connect with them and keep them entrained. It was also a way for me to connect with my close group of friends at the time as well as my family, friends from my professional life, audiences, and fans. This was the first program in which I was singing for a huge crowd of over six hundred people. We will keep the brand name “RV Live” for my next show as well, which is expected to happen very soon. My musical journey is influenced by various people and I want to thank those people who positively encourage me and put me on a pedestal.

RAJEEV VYAS 2What is that feeling that you experience when a large crowd joins you while you sing?

Like the proverb “Ek Sur mein ek taal mein”, I believe it is a huge compliment to an artist when a crowd of over 600 to 1000 people sings along with them. When the musicians behind an artist participate actively and express their support, the artist is said to be successful. My guru always said, “As a singer, you will always get applause from the audience. You succeed when people behind you, the musicians applaud you.”

According to you what makes a performance?

A performance, in my opinion, is how well you connect with your audience. No matter how well you sing songs if they don’t connect with the audience, the performance is meaningless. It is not always from your songs, but also your stage presence. Your own story, the story behind that song, and why you chose that song is all-important. The audience reacts to the aura that artists create.

Have you ever experienced anxiety before a performance? If so, how did you deal with it?

I did, indeed. I get nervous and a little anxious, with a little bit of consciousness and a little bit of uncertainty about how things will work out and how I will open up. Any artist could perhaps feel this right before the show. This is important as helps them to perform better. However, the anxiety should not be so strong that artists are unable to perform. To deal with this I give the song my complete attention before starting to perform, and then I take the stage.

Has your performance ever had a hidden meaning or a purpose?

There is always a meaning behind my performance. Music has to have a purpose. The purpose could be anything—social good, spreading a social message, experiencing delight for yourself, expressing gratitude, etc. What could possibly be the greater goal when you perform and make others smile?

RAJEEV VYAS 1What is a motto that you live by?

As the famous saying goes – “Live life King size”, I believe to live for the moment, for my passion, and for my Business. I never think about things that might happen in the future or things that have happened in the past.

You have two distinct roles in society: businessman and singer. How do you balance your responsibilities?

My father used to say – “Achieve success in life while remaining grounded. Don’t fly too high.” I have always followed these words and believe that if we stay grounded, balance comes naturally. Music has also helped me to maintain my balance in life. Someone can be wealthy as a businessman, but they cannot always remain that wealthy. It is not long-term. In the case of music, however, each song you deliver is your baby, and it must be delivered well. In this way, music helped me to balance maintain balance in my life and my business.

As a businessman and a singer, you have had a lot of experiences and emotions. Do these two distinct experiences and emotions help you define sentient differently?

I started from scratch. My first passion is being a businessman. This passion eventually earned me recognition, a position in the business fraternity, and a place in society. I became interested in music later in my life and learned it for years. Both these fields are giving me different experiences. The major difference is, that I do make money from my business, but I don’t like to make money out of music. Business is what I see and music is what I feel.

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  • Purva Dixit Reply

    He is a visionary person. Whatever he picks up He makes it excellent. The sky is the limit for him. In personal life kind, down to earth and approchable individual. In steel world one of the king player. Offcource , his singing also equaly ranking. Very melodious !!!

    ROLE MODEL !!!!

    14 July 2022 at 12:31 pm
  • Prabodh Dave Reply

    A true Family Man. A guy with golden heart. Simple, sober and fully dedicated to his goals, whether it’s business or his passion for Music. He is excellent in both the field.

    20 July 2022 at 2:17 pm

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