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2007: Percussions All The Way

Shankar Iyer | burmanfan@gmail.com Mysore Association Hall, Matunga witnessed a special musical event on 21" July, 2007- Percussions All The Way had Felicitation of Hindi films' multi-instrumentalist Homi Mullan and leading Nepali films music director and Maadal player Ranjit Gazmer. The occasion also saw ace drummer Franco Vaz taking stage to enthral viewers. The episode embossed...

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God’s Own Musician – Ranjit Gazmer (Kancha)

M..It ro It was located on the 'Jal Pahar' hill.It was located on the 'Jal Pahar' hill.Shankar Iyer | burmanfan@yahoo.com Over the years, Indian music has been broadly identified in two forms. Classical music, associated with a certain grammar and structure, was considered the music of the masters. Born in the kings' palaces, it required...


Mujhey Chaltey Jaana Hai, Bas Chaltey Jaana – Gulzar

Some years ago, I was lamenting the general "lack of interest in today's younger generation in old classic Hindi film music" to a friend. She countered, "no; my children listen to the music of the 70s and so on". I said, "that's because you are a singer yourself ". She countered", no. They called me up...

EDITORIAL - Franco Vaz

It was such a stress-buster time

Dinesh Ghate 'Jain' | dinesh@swaraalap.com Greetings for the day It was a wonderful experience being part of ‘94th Marathi Sahitya Sammelan’ recently held at Bhujbal knowledge city, Nasik. Apart from executing a farewell Musical evening with some renowned Marathi traditional artistes like Mrunmayi Deshpande, Purvi Bhave, Adarsh Shinde, Nandesh Umap, Avdhut Gupte, etc for me, it...