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  • Uday Naniwadekar | Pune

▪️ Founded in April 2018, Naadmudra is a registered, partnership organization, dedicated to music.

▪️ Prime Objectives
Naadmudra believes in the “less is more” policy. It is a platform for artists, musicians, singers, instrumentalists, and music lovers who might have time constraints, but believe in engaging with quality music, staying in touch, and creatively involving themselves with like-minded fellow artists and music lovers during the limited time that they can imagine spending with us.
– Naadmudra does not function on the lines of an orchestra. It is a holistic experience of indulging in different genres of music, cultivating and nurturing a delectable musical taste, and experimenting with innovative formats of artistic presentation. With that being mentioned, a performance, thus, breaks the conventional and conservative norms and boundaries of an orchestra, thereby becoming an intimate musical experience of a musical concert of high quality.

▪️ Furthermore, Naadmudra aims at presenting compositions, especially from the “Golden Era” which might be antiquated, unconventional, or memoirs of the bygone, but of an eminent class. The curation/moderation complements the musical presentations, as the unwoven stories behind the makings of these masterpieces unravel through the fluent moderation. This is an additional info-take-away for the audiences.
– The performances are generally a colorful combination of genres, styles, formats, and musical backgrounds like classical, semi-classical, Marathi and Hindi film music, ghazals, romantic, devotional, theatre, and folk music.

▪️ Naadmudra strives to offer a wide and diverse range of musical experiences, thereby taking into consideration the likes and tastes of its audiences which is pivotal in fulfilling its objectives.
– Offering theme-based programs from the Golden Era (composers, singers, music arrangers, musicians, etc.) is another focal objective.

▪️ More about Naadmudra –
Over 35 programs in the past three years since the foundation of the organization including theme-based musicals on the likes of composers such as Datta Davjekar, Madan-Mohan, Sudhir Phadke, Jaydev, Hridaynath Mangeshkar, Anandaghan, and ghazal sessions, assorted film music programs, a lec-dem session on the music of R.D. Burman, etc.
– Many small-scale intimate gatherings, performances on auspicious occasions like Ganeshotsav, Diwali Pahat, Kojagiri, etc. helped Naadmudra carve its own niche and leave an unforgettable impression on the minds of the audiences.

▪️The lockdowns could not hamper the enthusiastic spirits of Naadmudra. We reached our audiences through various online platforms offering them musical feasts through professionally pre-recorded programs (made available on google drive) as well as Facebook-Live sessions.
– A number of innovative and creative endeavors are in pipeline waiting to be unraveled soon.

▪️Naadmudra has been instrumental in introducing and promoting budding musicians, singers artists, and instrumentalists and has contributed immensely to their artistic growth.

▪️With collective efforts, dedication, and contribution from its members as well as the audiences, Naadmudra is beyond just being an organization … it has become an extended musical family and it is paving its path to becoming an audience supported the musical movement.

Nadmudra presents, “He Suranno Chandra Vha”, a Kojagiri special musical offering with a bouquet of euphonious Hindi and Marathi melodies, which will leave you enraptured. In keeping with the starry theme of the day, enjoy this mellifluous presentation by the talented team of Nadmudra artists.

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