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Remembering K. Amarnath

The Coffee Table book titled BHULA NAHIN DENA – REMEMBERING K. AMARNATH, a pictorial biography brilliantly compiled and written by Ranjan Sain. It is a ticket to travel back in time and visit the bygone era of Bollywood to experience the life journey of K. Amarnath, who was revered as the most systematic and time-efficient director consistently giving hit after hit.

REVIEW - Bhula Nahi Dena 2The book is an archival treasure with a priceless collection of images and photographs. The book offers a tremendous nostalgic value to the senior citizen age group and a lesson for the youngsters having aspirations for film production. Explore the Past to Understand the Present and Shape the Future.

The Foreword written by the great Salim Khan paying homage to Amarnathji, his mentor is a lesson in writing. Despite maintaining brevity, the author Ranjan Sain delivers the essentials.

The thirties and forties were the eras of large studios dominating film production, distribution. They used to monopolize the contract-bound artists. InREVIEW - Bhula Nahi Dena 3 such a scenario it was indeed heroic for the likes of Amarnathji to be such a successful independent director and producer. What a strict disciplinarian he was, who refused to tolerate the prima donna attitude of anyone, didn’t allow any interference from the actors and replacing those who couldn’t give dates. And yet, he was the mentor for so many successful stars.

The book brilliantly recreates K. Amarnath’s dramatic life journey. The floods and ebbs of his brilliant career. The author has shown his class by showing us the strength and prowess of Amarnathji without deifying or glorifying him. After all, he was a human who too, like all of us was subject to fate and destiny. The book reminds us of the harsh reality of REVIEW - Bhula Nahi Dena 4Tinseltown, ‘You are only as good as your last release. The glory of your past success means nothing.’

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